ONLINE REGISTRATION AND ENTRY/HALVÉDELMI ALAPÍTVÁNY VOLUNTARY ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE (As the tournament is open only to members of the Foundation, registration also constitutes a voluntary annual membership fee.) concluded by and between:




(hereinafter: ‘TR’)


  • The official name of the tournament is the First Battle of the 30 (hereinafter: ‘tournament’).
  • Organiser of the tournament (hereinafter: ‘Organiser’): Fisheries Conservation Foundation (2310 Szigetszentmiklós Banán utca 21/B).
  • Tournament dates:

Qualification rounds:

from 18:00 on 24.04.2022 to 06:00 on 27.04.2022

from 18:00 on 29.05.2022 to 06:00 on 01.06.2022

from 18:00 on 26.06.2022 to 06:00 on 29.06.2022

from 18:00 on 24.07.2022 to 06:00 on 27.07.2022

from 18:00 on 28.08.2022 to 06:00 on 31.08.2022


from 18:00 on 25.09.2022 to 06:00 on 28.09.2022


  • Registration dates:

On the starting day of each tournament round from 12:00 to 15:00


  • Venue of the tournament: PALOTÁS



  • The tournament is based on the ‘Catch and Release’ principle.


  • Drawing of fishing spots: On the starting day of each tournament round at 15:00


  • Occupation of fishing spots: Immediately after each draw. The competitor must wait for the last draw.


  • It is a closed tournament, only members of the foundation are allowed to fish. Volunteer membership is established at the time of entry.


  • International tournament.


  • A prerequisite for entering the tournament is a valid state ticket for 2022. As entries will become final in 2021, the verification of a valid 2022 state ticket will be performed prior to the tournament. If a team has two valid state tickets (including the helper), it will be allowed to compete in the tournament. If the team members do not have two valid state tickets, they will not be allowed to participate in the tournament and will not be allowed to fish.


  • Duration of the tournament: 6×60 hours (5 qualification rounds and one final)


  • Number of teams participating in the tournament: 150 teams (2 persons per team + 1 helper). The helper can perform full fishing activities. The team must be composed exclusively of persons over the age of 18.


  • Entry fee for the tournament: HUF 240,000/team

                                              EUR 700/team 

  • The entry fee includes the following for the entire team:
  • Recharging facilities in the weighing houses on both sides of the lake (telephone, feeding boat, lantern)
  • Parking and camping fees
  • The area ticket for Lake Palotás for the duration of the tournament
  • The costs of organisation and management
  • Meals
  • Contribution to the cost of trophies and the prize fund
  • The entry fee does not include hygiene costs. This can be added for a fee prior to the start of the tournament. 1 team/HUF 3,000
  • Registration prior to the tournament:
  • Location: Tóparty Kávézó és Horgászbolt
  • All competitors must provide the following documents: Passport/driver’s licence/personal identity card (Photo ID).

Fishing statute by nationality for the issuance of the Hungarian state and Palotás area fishing licence

The registration form must be signed by all competitors

                   By providing their signatures during the registration procedure, the competitors      

                   acknowledge that they have read and understood, and accept the tournament rules;                                   

                   and also agree to submit themselves                             

                   to the impartial decision of the tournament organiser in further, disputed cases.




  • Only carp and amur will be counted in the tournament.
  • Weight limit: Calculated in accordance with the national size limits, weights of fish caught will be credited with a multiplier of 1x in the points competition.
  • There will be 30 teams per qualification round and 6 teams from each of the 5 qualification rounds will qualify for the final, thus totalling 30 teams in the final.
  • In the event of a tie, the team with the largest catch in the tournament will advance to the final or place higher in the final. In the final, the fish caught in the qualification round do not count.
  • To enter the tournament in advance, you must go to and complete the Battle of the 30 online registration form in writing and pay the entry/Halvédelmi Alapítvány annual voluntary membership fee by 01.04.2022
  • After submitting the online registration form, we will confirm your entry and you have until 01.04.2022 to pay the entry fee. Please transfer the money in advance to the bank account of the Fisheries Conservation Foundation (11742252-25549409-00000000). The name of the team entered at the time of registration must be entered in the communication field. After the amount has been received, the registration will be considered final. The registration also includes a voluntary membership in the Fisheries Conservation Foundation. A certificate of support will be sent to the teams electronically after the payment has been made. If a team has already registered but not paid, and the 150 paying places are filled, the registration will be considered null and void.
  • We will not be able to refund the entry amount(s) of the after payment.
  • If a team is not able to attend, you can register a new team in its place until the 7th day before the tournament.
  • If fewer teams enter, prizes will be adjusted or reduced in proportion to the number of teams. The tournament will take place.
  • Our fellow foreign sportsmen and women must make their own arrangements for entering the country, in compliance with current laws and legal regulations.
  • If for reasons beyond our control, the some qualification round(s) cannot take place, the organiser of the tournament will decide at the start of the tournament by a random draw who will be the 6 teams that will qualify for the final.
  • If, for reasons beyond our control, the final cannot take place, a new date will be set. In this case, the new date will be determined by the current government regulations and if it has to be postponed for reasons other than governmental reasons, a new date will be announced within 8 days. The entering teams agree to the possible amendment of the tournament date.
  • A maximum of 150 teams may enter the tournament.
  • The final result of the tournament will be based on the quantity (total weight) of fish caught.
  • QUALIFICATION ROUNDS will be selected as follows:

Speed counts! Once you have paid the entry fee, you are free to choose the qualification round dates. Once the places for a given month have been filled, you can only choose from the remaining dates.

  • 1 team can pay more than one (max. 5) entry fees. In this case, you are entitled to enter as many qualification rounds as you have paid for, but if you qualify for the final in one of the rounds, you cannot fish in the remaining qualification rounds.
  • The selection of spots will take place in the following way: the teams (based on the entry list, whoever entered first) will draw their fishing spots. The numbers drawn by teams correspond to the numbers of the fishing spots on the map. Anyone who misses the draw has until the start of the tournament to choose from the remaining spot(s) in order of arrival. In the case of more than one spot remaining, the draw will take place in the presence of another team for credibility. Any team that does not arrive by the start of the tournament will be disqualified from that tournament and will not be allowed to fish.
  • Teams will be allowed to fish in their own sector which will be marked by sector buoys in a sideways Retrieval is allowed up to halfway across the lake. This will be demonstrated before the start of the tournament to avoid disputes.
  • Boats are allowed on the water according to the waterway navigation rules. (life jackets are mandatory!)
  • Everyone may use the boat at their own risk.
  • Boats may only be used for feeding and pre-race buoy placement.
  • Maximum 2 twilight switch buoys allowed
  • Feeding from the boat is allowed until the start of the tournament or between 18:00-20:00 every day. Feeding from shore and from a feeding boat is allowed during the entire tournament.
  • The use of live bait is FORBIDDEN and will result in disqualification!
  • The throwing method and feeding boat distribution is allowed in during the tournament
  • Teams are responsible for the integrity of the lake shore and fish in the designated areas.
  • The organiser draws attention to the rules of nature conservation and civilised behaviour, and the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption. Anyone not complying with these rules will be immediately disqualified from the tournament.
  • Teams may fish with 4 rods and 1 hook per rod.
  • Fishing outside the sector may be randomly checked each day by the tournament officials by taking a boat to a selected angling site. Fishing outside the sector will result in immediate disqualification from the tournament.
  • Only monofilament line may be used as the main line, otherwise there is no special restriction on the use of end tackle or leader/forelines and hooks in the tournament.
  • A carp cradle, 2 weigh slings, wound disinfectant, a large dip net, large carp bags and at least 1 pair of waders are compulsory. Teams must have at least 6 carp bags. These will be checked before the tournament.
  • Specimens over 10 kg must be placed in separate carp bags or weigh slings.
  • Weigh tripods are compulsory for all teams in the tournament
  • Injured or sick fish must be reported immediately, they will be weighed and counted in the catch. Dead fish will not be weighed. Anyone who, through their own fault, allows more than one fish to die will be immediately disqualified by the organisers and will be required to pay compensation for the damage.
  • Weighing will take place continuously, at the fishing spot of each team. The team must provide one member for the weighing. Two weighers will always be present at the weighing for credibility. Before the weighing, the two adjacent posts will be sent a message with MEASURE and the location and if they wish, they can observe the weighing. We do not accept any later accusations or fabrications! The weighing with the two weighers is considered official!
  • You can feed and bait with boilies, pellets, tiger nuts and grained feed. There is NO limit on the quantity of food that can be fed.
  • Grain feed may only be fed in a cooked condition.
  • The use of SPOMBs, Rockets, catapults, slings, PVA nets, tossing tubes are allowed.
  • The use of radar and fish radar are permitted.
  • Fishing is allowed strictly from the shore. The use of waders is allowed for fatiguing.
  • The competitor must report all fish caught and scorable to the local weigher by sending a text message with the spot number and, depending on the species of fish caught, the word carp or amur.
  • Any fish hooked before the end of the tournament will count towards the score. In such a case, if the text message is received before the end of the tournament it will be counted, while if it is received after the end of the tournament it will not be counted.
  • The competitors assume responsibility for accidents occurring during the tournament.
  • The organisers will not be held responsible for any damage or accident occurring during the tournament, and the use of any equipment (boat, etc.) is at the user’s own risk.
  • The tournament will take place on the entire area of the reservoir.
  • Once the fishing spots are occupied, the following is allowed until the start of the tournament: camping, searching for spots, radar, buoy placement, priming feeding.
  • One person must always be present at each spot.
  • Only one person from each team may leave the designated tournament spot at any time.
  • The use of lighted buoys is allowed, but the use of flashing beacons is not permitted.
  • During the tournament it is forbidden to illuminate the water with high-intensity spotlights or to disturb other anglers with light and laser devices. Searchlights and small reflectors may be used only in the most necessary cases (casting, netting), for a specific purpose. Visible, continuous night lighting of the fishing spot and within it of the cast gear is obligatory. The use of headlamps by competitors is permitted at all times.



  • During the tournament the organisers will provide continuous weighing, 24 hours a day
  • Competitors are obliged to actively participate in the entire weighing and photographing and data recording process, however, weighing may be suspended for the duration of the fatiguing and then the netting if justified.
  • The documentation of the weighing (date and time of catching, name of competitor, weight of fish caught) must be signed by a member of the team. It is the responsibility of the competitors to check that the information given is correct.
  • After the official documentation of the weighing, a photograph of each fish over 10kg caught will be taken with one competitor holding the fish and the other holding the plaque with the required information. Fish under 10kg will not be photographed. The fish must be released in the presence of the weighers, immediately after the photograph has been taken.



In the case of the maximum number of entries:

  1. HUF 8 million
  2. HUF 4 million
  3. HUF 2 million
  4. HUF 1 million
  5. HUF 800 thousand
  6. HUF 600 thousand
  7. HUF 600 thousand
  8. HUF 400 thousand
  9. HUF 400 thousand
  10. HUF 400 thousand

  11-30. HUF 200 thousand

  • the winners will be responsible for the taxation of the entries.
  • The transfer fee will be deducted from the prize money as registered with the otp bank.



  • Competitors are required to comply with the requests of the tournament judges and organisers.
  • Any infringement noticed during the tournament must be reported in writing to the tournament organiser with the reporter providing their own name, which will be made public. During the tournament, the teams may also submit objections to the tournament organiser, providing their own name and proving their credibility. In the case of anonymous reporting, we are not in a position to deal with any claims or fabrications without proper
  • In case of an objection, the matter will be investigated and a clear decision will be adopted.
  • There is no objection fee.
  • The organiser will enforce and reserve the right to enforce its own set of rules in all cases.
  • By signing the registration form, the competitor acknowledges the risks involved and accepts that the organiser is not liable for any failure to comply with the rules.
  • By signing the registration form, competitors acknowledge that they may be videoed or photographed and that these may be freely published in the media.
  • Official publishing of own footage without the written consent of the organiser is strictly prohibited.
  • Any footage of the tournament must be removed from the media platform at the request of the tournament organiser.
  • The official language of the tournament is Hungarian.
  • The tournament rules have been drawn up in Hungarian, Slovak and English, but in case of differences in interpretation due to translation, the Hungarian version shall prevail. The tournament rules may be amended by the organiser as required. Any subsequent amendments and additions to the TR will be published by the organiser within 1 day of their adoption. These TR are version 1.0. No substantial changes to the TR will be made after the closing date for entries.


We reserve the right to further notifications and changes!



ONLINE REGISTRATION AND ENTRY/HALVÉDELMI ALAPÍTVÁNY VOLUNTARY ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE (As the tournament is open only to members of the Foundation, registration also constitutes a voluntary annual membership fee.) concluded by and between: